bioAngelo Boltini has many shapes to shift his musical self into. Mainly known as a promising guitarist, his fascination with music extends to every instrument he can get his hands on. He continuously strives to find new ways to pull emotion out of strings, keys or computer chips, augmenting the stories he softly sings into your ear.

Now it’s time to bundle these forces and focus them on a new path. Time to step into the limelight and show what years of inspiration, studies and hard work add up to. A short history of music flows out into an original, inspired and emotionally engaging sound.

He is known for working with acts like For the Birds, GOSTO, Thijs van Leer and has played at De Melkweg, Paradiso and Mysteryland, among others.

Angelo Boltini’s self-produced first EP is out 6-02-2014.